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From September to June, we've got students and teachers covered with three essential books for high school chemistry.

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Workbook; 13 Topics of Organize Sets of Work


Read, Study and Practice; 13 Topics with Regents Exams




Test Prep Books; Questions, Answers and Explanations



As a self-published teacher-author, my books do not get the same name recognition as those of big educational publishers like Prentice Hall or McGraw-Hill.  But I strongly believe that my books are excellent chemistry resources for many students, and one of them may be right for your students. Here are some reasons why I strongly believe so:

1. My Review Book (the #1 seller) is used in one of the biggest school districts in Pennsylvania.

2. My Guided Study Book has been reordered five years in a row by a few public and private schools in New York City.

3. My Workbook is used in schools in 12 states.

4. 95 percent of schools that are using my books this coming school year are repeat customers.


Please take the time to preview my books. One of them may be a great fit for you and your students.

I look forward to your order, comments and feedback. Thanks.

Effiong Eyo (Teacher-Author)

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